Countdown: Reflections on a life in Dance (Rudy Perez) (2004)
56:46 minutes
With extra tracks:
• Countdown - performed by Victor Quijada (2003)
6:31 minutes
• Spiritual Offering - at Skirball Cultural Center (2003)
21:30 minutes

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Orange County Register
LA City Beat
Dance Magazine
Latino Public Broadcasting

Certificate of Distinction, American Dance Festival, Dancing For the camera, 2005


For over forty years Rudy Perez has moved, invigorated and perplexed audiences. During the early 1960s, he was hailed as a post-modern pioneer as a founding member of the groundbreaking Judson Dance Theater in New York City. Today he lives in Los Angeles and defies definition while continuing to create provocative new work.
The documentary follows the fascinating give-and-take of the rehearsal of one of Rudy Perez’ signature dances, Countdown. Los Angeles-born and now Montreal-based Victor Quijada, a protégé of Rudy’s, has come to learn and perform the work. Throughout the rehearsal process, Rudy’s life and career are revealed through evocative home movies, experimental films and rare stock footage of New York. Interviews with dance critics, former dancers and collaborators give a context to Rudy’s impact on the East and West Coast dance scene. Archival videos showcase significant selections from Rudy’s extensive body of work. The documentary concludes with Victor Quijada performing an emotionally charged Countdown.

Directed By Rachel Mira Bitan
Written, Produced and Edited by Severo Perez
Cinematography by Virgil Harper
Music by Marcos Loya
Distributed by Filmakers Library, 2007-present.

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